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Qingdao Hecheng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is one of the well-known manufacturers of thiophene derivatives, many years we have focused on thiophene development and production of thiophene derivatives. Committed to provide high quality pharmaceutical intermediates and electronic chemicals for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies and electronic materials customers.

The company was founded in August 2008, with a diligent, pragmatic and professional team, team members are research and development, analysis, marketing and other areas of the veteran. The company is headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong Province, the production base in Zibo and Weifang.

Company under the jurisdiction of the R & D center, production base, the three branches of marketing companies. R & D centers are located in Qingdao Fine Chemicals R & D base, the standard laboratory analysis of the testing center. The center has a number of years in organic synthesis research and development expert, has a strong R & D capability and rich production experience, providing quality products for the different needs of customers.

While more than three years, the company adhering to user needs as the core, in the production of thiophene, 2 - thiophene ethanol and 3 - methoxy-thiophene, 3,4 - dimethoxy-thiophene 3,4 - ethylenedioxy thiopheneconstantly customized thiophene derivatives, the formation of an annual thiophene 500 tons, 200 tons, 3-4-2 - thiophene ethanol ethylenedioxy thiophene thiophene 100 tons, and other thiophene derivatives, to become the largest production of the domestic thiophene and its derivativescompanies.

Production base is located in Zibo, Shandong Weifang City, there are more than 5000 square meters factory, with from 50 to rise to 5000 liters a variety of response equipment, high vacuum distillation, separation, vacuum drying, pilot and industrial production equipment, can do Friedelreaction, reduction reaction, condensation reaction, Grignard reaction, substitution reaction. The factory has passed ISO9001: 2008 quality system and ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, and continuous improvement and perfection. The testing center is equipped with high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography and other advanced detection equipment, so as to effectively guarantee to provide customers with high quality products. Products sold in the domestic pharmaceutical companies, but also exported to India, Korea, Japan, Italy and other countries and regions.

Companies follow the "honest, common development" business philosophy, adhere to the "mainly thiophene and its derivatives and other pharmaceutical intermediates, product development direction of the development of high technology content, electronic chemicals", will be first-class products,class quality, first-class environment, first-class service, sincerely service for domestic and foreign customers.


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